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Advanced Clock is a simple but powerful clock app that includes date and time changer.

About Start Timer:
Start Timer is a small, smart clock app that is extremely easy to use. It includes more than a dozen themes and tons of customization options. You can choose from different clock styles (LED, LCD, etc.), colors, and even customize the clock hands (with a dozen different colors and textures) and font.
The app features an alarm that plays different sounds and a snooze button to save you from an early alarm.
You can also customize the volume, brightness, and rotation of the LED clock face with the help of the ring menu, and set a daily snooze alarm to prevent yourself from waking up in the middle of the night.
Start Timer Description:

Even just the name of this app could be enough to trigger your desire to try it. After all, in a time when the design aspect of the apps is taking over everything, developers tend to get creative.

Lightsplash is a modern lockscreen replacement and it’s an award winning application. With its clean interface, you can expect to get the best out of your battery, while on the other hand, it supports the latest features, such as the ability to control your sound and notifications.
It’s also packed with various themes, from subtle ones to wild ones.
You can set different lockscreens as your start screens and assign as many shortcuts as you want.
Lightsplash Description:

RantGuard is a unique application that allows you to protect your computer from a total meltdown by blocking or stopping malicious applications from running.

The app comes with an automated mode that will protect you from critical threats. However, it can be a bit annoying when you leave the app running in the background since it comes with a battery drainer.
To enable more convenience, the app features a notification that notifies you whenever a threat is detected.
You can also choose to enable a manual mode. In this case, you need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on your PC. If you don’t want the application to run at any cost, you can simply disable it.

Wants to be the ultimate phone case app for Android and Windows, Google Apps Ultimate is all about the functionality and usability of the app. It includes all the services that you use in a single place so that you can have complete access to them

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KEYMACRO is a bit of a lightweight utility, which is designed to make us easier and faster when writing or handling programs.
It can be used to record macros to execute strings of commands. These macros can be recorded once and then replayed later to perform actions repetitively without any need to retype any commands again.
When it comes to managing files, you can open files, zip them, extract them, cut/copy/paste the content, edit the content, or create shortcuts.
There are a lot of options available when it comes to usage of this application.
Name Keystrokes or Keywords for the Macros Description:
You can name the macros as per your need, and to add to it, you can enter a keyword that you want the macro to execute.
Once you have recorded a macro, you can replay it later whenever you want to execute the same action.
Keyboard Shortcuts Description:
The keyboard shortcuts that you can use to execute the macros:
Cmd+I: Open the macro file that has been recorded by you
Cmd+S: Save the macro file
Cmd+R: Replay the macro file
Cmd+V: paste the content of the current file on the command line
Cmd+X: Cut the content of the current file
Cmd+C: Copy the content of the current file to the command line
Cmd+L: Left arrow Key: move to the next line on the command line
Cmd+R: Right arrow Key: move to the next line on the command line
Cmd+Shift+Del: Remove the last typed command on the command line
Cmd+Alt+Del: Delete the current line on the command line
Cmd+Alt+Up: Move to the line above the current line
Cmd+Alt+Down: Move to the line below the current line
Cmd+Shift+Up: Move to the line above the current line
Cmd+Shift+Down: Move to the line below the current line
Cmd+Shift+Home: Move to the beginning of the line on the command line
Cmd+Shift+End: Move to the last character of the line on the command line
Cmd+Shift+PageUp: Move to the last row on the command line
Cmd+Shift+PageDown: Move to the last line on the command line
Cmd+Shift+Home: Move to the beginning of the command line
Cmd+Shift+End: Move to the end of the command line

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Is there anyone out there who has been to visit a professional dating site and been turned down by the person? I know of those who have been rejected by friends and family members.

I have been rejected even by a person who once said, “I’ll love you forever”. There’s nothing like that. This is unbearable, but I’m not going to hide my feelings. I’m going to tell you exactly what happened in an open way.
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However, they’re not that good. They’re young and maybe their interest in you is short-lived. When you meet with them, they may not be the best candidates for you.
They’re always on the lookout for a woman to meet for fun, because they’re bored with their wives.
Of course, I know there are a lot of “professional” dating sites. Although they try to hide it, they are really keen on seeing the results of their efforts. However, they don’t see any results. They don’t like it.
Men on these sites are real men who aren’t ashamed to admit they’re looking for a woman. That means there is nothing wrong with them, nor their intentions. However, they aren’t perfect. They aren’t a good match for you.
You should be careful with your judgement. If you met with a man who wasn’t on the dating site, you wouldn’t judge him. You would just think of him as a guy who wasn’t interested in any relationship.
The thing is, men on dating sites are honest. They’re not seeking out any hidden motives. They want to meet with you because they are really interested in you.
No matter how much you insist that you don�

What’s New in the?

Easy to use application that helps you run applications or modify documents on different dates.

Kernel for the City of Kobe, Japan

Kernel for the City of Kobe, Japan, is a free tool designed to help you create local community groups, organize community events, or promote awareness about community groups in your city.
Create a community group for the city, create meeting dates and locations, create or edit existing group listings, or schedule events (either online or offline).
The functionality of the online website and desktop applications is identical; however, the desktop applications are specifically designed to be self-contained, eliminating the need to rely on an external internet connection.

Document Labels for Windows

Document Labels for Windows allows you to change the labels of any file or folder at once. It can also add a single or multiple labels to any multiple-file or folder on the hard disk. It can also be used to batch rename multiple files.
With this application you can add a label to any file or folder.
The application will add a label on the selected items, and you can do one of three things from the following screen:
1. Add a label
2. Edit a label
3. Delete a label
You can also rename multiple items by dragging and dropping the files or folders on the List view.

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Document Manager for Mac

A file manager that has built-in image, text and spreadsheet editing features, Document Manager for Mac enables you to view, manipulate, organize, print and share your files and folders at the same time.
It allows you to view the files and folders on the hard disk as they would be in Finder (the default Mac file manager).




has released GetFileName for Windows.
It is a simple to use and easy to use file and folder name changer.
GetFileName has been designed to be easy to use and to go from being an application that just looks pretty on your computer screen to one that actually makes your computer work better.

NSFW Video Editor Pro

NSFW Video Editor Pro is a free video editing and photo slideshow software tool that allows you to edit video and create slideshows with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
You can apply effects, add text and special effects to your photos and videos.

Free backup utility

Cute Backup Free is a free version of the well-known and popular Free Backup utility.
It allows you to make backups of your photos and video files to your hard disk.

Logo Creator

Logo Creator is a free vector logo maker that is extremely easy to use.
It has a simple and clear user interface that allows you to create new logos in a few simple steps.

Network Monitor

Network Monitor is a free network

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
AMD Radeon HD 6870/6850
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.66GHz
Core i3 2.8GHz
CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 645
Core i5 2.26GHz
Core i3 2.53GHz

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