Totally useless and irrelevant to some, very useful for others, RSS reader apps have been here for a long time, and will probably stay here for the foreseeable future.
RSS readers provide users with a quick and very convenient way of keeping track of their favorite writers, publications, news channels, and generally a wide range of online content.
The main goal of an RSS reader is to provide you with the latest online content from different sources. A good RSS reader will also allow you to aggregate content and curate it according to your needs.
Homura is one such app; a cross-platform RSS Reader developed using Electron.
Is Homura a great RSS reader app?
Well, for starters, it's open-source and free, so anyone can get their hands on it with nothing more than a few mouse clicks. It looks like a modern RSS reader should, it's fast, and it provides a few ways you can curate content.
As expected, you can subscribe to multiple sources, unsubscribe and edit the names of the feeds in question. You can even mark feeds according to their importance, search posts by title name, and even highlight code in case a post displays it, and that's about it.
To conclude, Homura is not what one might call an outstanding RSS reader. Be that as it may, it does get the job done quite nicely, and above all, it's quite usable as it simplifies the process of aggregating content from multiple sites.
It doesn't have much in terms of gimmicks (or what others might consider useful features) such as multiple GUI themes, comprehensive filtering options, the ability to save articles for later, and a customizable reader mode, but if you just want a modern RSS reader for its basic functions, then you can't really go wrong with Homura.







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A cross-platform RSS feed aggregator and podcast player.
Lightweight, fast and cross-platform.
Supports adding your own RSS feeds, aggregates content from public RSS feeds (including Google Reader and Pocket), and podcasts.
Allows you to mark feeds as read/unread, sort them by author and publishing date, highlight specific content, and search for posts.
Supports exporting feeds and exporting files to a variety of formats.
Supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (macOS Catalina and higher) systems.
Open the directory in Finder or Linux, and drag the contents into your Applications folder.
Windows users can double click the file.
Homura may have a few pre-installed accounts. You can always delete them by going to Settings > Accounts.
Default Account
After the app is installed, open the app and click the “+” icon to add an account.
If you can’t sign into an account, you might need to reset your password. To do that, go to Settings > Password.
Finally, make sure the app has the correct permission to read and write to your email, and add the account to Homura.
If you still have trouble connecting to an account, click the Help icon in the top left corner to access our support page.
Homura Suggestions
Disable the app’s auto-update feature by unchecking the “Check for updates” box in Settings > Updates.
Include the “Samples” button in Settings. It will allow you to try out various options.
There’s no way of changing the app’s color scheme. It’s a simple white/black theme.
You can install the app without the need to fill in any sensitive data, and you won’t be asked to enter any personally identifiable information. This is an added security measure to ensure your data remains safe.
If you’d like to add a source, click the “+” icon, enter the desired feed, and click Save.
Clicking the “Add this Account to Homura” button will add it to the app.
There’s no way of accessing or deleting all of your feeds. To get to the feeds, you have to use the search bar.
To create a new feed, click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner.
When adding a feed, please enter the feed’s URL, and optionally, its publication date.
Click the “Manage

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Homura is a free cross-platform RSS reader, using Electron to provide a clean and powerful interface.
With Homura, you can:
* Subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds
* Search content by title or description
* Quickly view the latest posts from multiple sites
* Highlight and tag content
* Edit or delete feed subscriptions
* Curate content according to importance
Homura is a pretty simple tool; it’s fast, works well, and even allows you to sort feeds by name.
Homura’s clean interface is great for first-time users, and even more so for those who have used other RSS readers in the past. You get your feed list right in the main window, and it even includes preview images for each item.
Homura also comes with a number of useful options, including the ability to subscribe to multiple sources, search articles, tag items, mark feeds as important, and a few other features.
While not the most comprehensive tool out there, Homura is a simple, easy-to-use RSS reader with some very useful tools for aggregating and viewing content.
* Autosaving and synchronization:
Once you’ve subscribed to a feed, Homura will automatically save it for you in case of power loss, and it will sync all of your feeds in the background.
Homura is also able to sync to your Google Drive, and it works with the free dropbox account as well.
* Supports following multiple feeds:
You can add as many RSS feeds to Homura as you want, and even add them to a specific folder so that they appear in the main list of feeds.
Homura will then update its content accordingly, so that you can follow any of the feeds that you subscribe to.
* Tree view:
As you go through your feeds, Homura allows you to quickly see which feed items are child feeds of another.
* Search:
Homura allows you to search for specific titles and descriptions in each of your feeds. You can also search for tags in the same feed, and a quick search for “X” will return any feed items with X in the title.
* Highlight items:
Homura makes it easy to highlight and annotate content from any feed.
* Tag items:
You can add tags to each feed item, and they’ll then be highlighted in the tree view so that you can easily browse to them.
* Feed folder

What’s New In Homura?

Homura is the most powerful free RSS reader for macOS.
RSS Reader: The easiest way to keep track of your online content.
* Open Source
* Easiest way to keep track of your online content
* RSS reader app for macOS
* View news and updates from multiple sources
* All new tabbed view to give you the power to keep track of your RSS feeds
* Easily view, organize and edit your subscriptions
* Highlight code blocks in your posts
* Save articles to read later
* Speed up your RSS feeds
* Export your RSS feeds to Google Feedburner
* Get notified when new articles are added
* View stats on how much time you've spent reading articles
* Customize your home page with new themes and layout
* Search articles by title
* Customize the look and feel of the app
* Sync your account with Google, GitHub, Pocket, and more
* No ads!
* Easiest way to keep track of your online content
Build with Electron:
Homura is built with Electron, the popular toolkit for building cross-platform desktop apps.
Homura uses automatic builds which drastically decreases the time you need to take to build and test updates.
Publish on App Store:
Homura has been published in the App Store.
How to install Homura?
Download Homura from the official website.
Open the Homura folder, and install the app by double-clicking the Homura.pkg file.
Launch Homura, and start using it!
How to uninstall Homura?
The Homura app won't have any bundled content, it's entirely free and open-source.
All the content you'll find in the app is only available for free on the developer's website, and you'll have to manually remove it from the app after.
That said, it's quite easy to remove Homura if you want to do so, so go ahead and follow the tutorial below.
1. Open the application finder, and search for “Homura”.
2. Once found, double-click the Homura file to open it.
3. Locate the folder named “Library” located under the app folder, and delete the folder “Library”.
4. Launch Homura once again, and you'll find the app completely removed.
You'll also find the app completely removed from your Mac.
That's it! Go ahead and remove Homura from your Mac, and feel free to go back to the official website.
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System Requirements For Homura:

The game requires a modern CPU to run at 1080p and 2560×1440.
Recommended specs include 8 GB RAM.
Modern GPU.
Minimum specs are based on a Core i3 CPU.
Windows 7
DirectX 11 compatible GPU
Mac Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac Pro 4.1
Two USB 2.0 ports
OpenGL 2.1 compatible GPU
Windows Requirements:

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